Friday, 9 September 2011

Seizing Opportunities

Today I came across a "tweet" on Twitter that        asked, "What opportunities have you seized  today?"

(Thank you, Katrina Moody!)

I know I've been MIA over the past couple of  days...and I'm feeling like a truck hit me after  having a root canal done yesterday, so I may  take the weekend off even though I've been a  slacker about posting this week...but here are  some opportunities that I seized this week

  1. I was a guest blogger on a blog called ReflectionsPN:  I'm looking forward to having ReflectionsPN owner Pratyush Nalam do a piece for Girl With The Cane!

  2. I responded to a call for writers on Disability Horizons ( and will be doing some writing for them in the very near future.

I'm very excited about both of these things!

Now to get some sleep and hopefully feel human again by Monday...have a great weekend!



  1. Sure Sarah!! I will soon contribute to this blog. Definitely! You can count on me for it!! And by the way, there is a typo in my name. It is "Nalam" not "Nalem".


  2. My apologies, Pratyush! I have made the correction...