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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Rosie O'Donnell Speaks Out on Little People

Well, readers, what do we think of this bit of sharing from famous people about their feelings about little people?


I think that most people are familiar with Rosie O'Donnell. Chelsea Handler is a late-night talk show host.

Deep Sigh...Sometimes People Just Shouldn't Even *Start* Talking

I understand that, like Rosie, people are sometimes uncomfortable around people who look "different", for whatever reason, and they can't really explain why. I think it takes a lot of guts to own up to it, and to talk about it, especially when you're as public a figure as she is. However.

I expect her, as someone who's interviewed as many people as she has and who has lived with a lot of social stigma herself for being "different" in the American Hollywood scene (overweight, and a lesbian who has had adopted children) to approach a discussion about why she has conflicting feelings about little people with more sensitivity and less of the "they're freaky and I don't understand them!" vibe that pervaded the interview, especially toward the end. Her attitudes seem more based on ignorance of little people and their physiology than the initial gut emotional reaction that she identifies. And that's simply not acceptable from a woman who made it her life to get to know people and their stories for so long.

Someone Please Keep Chelsea Handler Away From Little People

And Chelsea Handler is just downright ignorant. Sentences like "It's like having a kid" and "There's not a lot of job opportunities for these kinds of people...they need help." about her co-host (a little person), and calling another little person in her office a "little nugget" tells me everything that I need to know about her.

A fitting end to a weekend where it wasn't even worth it to get out of bed.

Thank you to Sandra Rhodda at @accesstourismnz for making me aware of this.


And thank you to Chris Errera, for this (much more diplomatic than mine) response that I found when I went to looking for a link to Rosie's video.  Must-watch.  He gets it, and puts my cynicism to shame.


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