Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Obama's In for Four More Years!

Well, I'm back. And until about 11:30 last night, I wasn't sure what I'd be posting about. I hoped it would be exactly what it is - a happy post of congratulations to America for (in my opinion) making the right choice and  extending Obama's Presidency for four more years. Thank you, America. So many Canadians breathed a giant sigh of relief last night.

Election 2012 Wrap-Up

Regular readers know that I got very caught up in this election. I was in the last one as well - but I didn't follow it right from the beginning like I did this one. I considered myself fairly well-informed in 2008 about the issues that really concern me now, and how they interact, but I learned so much more in those four years. What I learned made me feel very, very uncomfortable with extremist Republicans, and I put Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in that group.

(To be fair, though, I'm uncomfortable with extremist Democrats, too. Extremists in general make me squirmy, and usually end up pissing me off, quite frankly.)

And I'm not so totally enamoured of Obama that my excitement about him being re-elected comes with no reservations. I'm still particularly annoyed by both Romney's and Obama's platforms on people with disabilities, in that neither of them seem to have one. All the news channels could talk about today was how Obama's campaign was particularly strong in that it tried to reach out to minorities. Well, people with disabilities are a large minority in America, and he couldn't give them half an hour at the National Forum on Disability Issues.

I'm watching you, President Obama. And I'm far from the only one.

Obama's The One for this Canuck

All that being said...I like Obama's platform on *people* better than I like Romney's. Much better.

I like Obama's belief that people should have affordable health care.

I like Obama's commitment to education.

I like Obama's belief that a woman has the right to choose what's right for her own body, and his support of women's health care services like Planned Parenthood.

I like Obama's belief that the right to marry shouldn't be limited by sexual orientation.

Yes, I like Obama's People Platform much better. And aren't people with disabilities...people?

I've read his concession speech. I'm an odd mix of inspired and cautious - but I'm hopeful. More than I've been in quite some time.

How about you?

Transcript of Obama's acceptance speech:

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  1. Could not agree with your assessment more; am very happy that we have four more years. I think it's a positive and hopeful sign for every one but the radical right which are becoming more distant and removed from mainstream society ...