Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Happy Blogaversary to Me!

I like the end of May and beginning of June because I get to post about 2 cool things fairly close to each other - my yearly stroke update and my blogaversary post!

GirlWithTheCane (the blog) is three years old today. I started it as something to do while I was looking for a job and it's one of the most fulfilling personal projects that I've ever undertaken.  Not just because it's writing, which I love to do, and not just because it gives me the chance to write about things that are very important to me, which is awesome - but because it's brought me in contact with so many amazing people!

This year I learned a lot about autism. I've been writing for and reading the work of the other people that contribute there...reading the the things that they read...and the thoughts of people like Lydia Brown, Judy Endow, Henry Frost, Renee Salas, and Amy Sequenzia have educated me, touched me, deeply humbled me at times, and caused to me to examine how I look at autism and autistic people and at disability in general. It's been a very educating year.

I've been disabled for fourteen years now, been in the developmental services field for over twenty years,  and sometimes I feel like I still know very little about it all.

Thank you to everyone who keeps coming back to read, and to all the people who've been such a support. I love that I'm not only writing about these things that are important to me but that people actually read it. :)




  1. Congrats and keep the course have much to share and much to give us is that which makes our lives worthwhile and blessed with profound meaning...all the best in the many years and adventures to come!

  2. Thank you, Phil...your words mean a great deal to me.